Gold Star Sister

The In's and Out's of what it means to be a Gold Star

In Memory of PFC Keith M. Williams

My hero of a brother who gave his life for his country and who I could never thank enough for being the bright light in my life and being a true patriot.


Pfc. Keith M. Williams was a funny, caring person in life that made so many people smile. He was always joking with everyone even perfect strangers. His decision to join the Army was first met with shock and then reluctant acceptance. Keith wasn’t one to finish things and so even though he talked about joining when he actually did we were all very uneasy about losing him. He was the baby of the family and for the most part we all spent time doing things for him because we wanted to not because we had to. The aftermath of his decision is what is highlighted on this site, how it affected others and how his death and bravery still affects my life today.


The Memorial video my mom put together for my brother, which shows a little about why he is such a huge influence in my life now and every day.